The Big Game and the Big Rush

Posted by Admin - February 8th, 2010

Each year there is a ritual which is carried on in American households all over the nation. It involves beer, commercials, and football. Of course, it is the Superbowl. But while families are preparing for festivities and teams are preparing to battle each other on the grid iron, businesses and their employees all over the country are preparing for a major rush. Pizza–it is the mainstay of any Superbowl party, no party is really complete without pizza.

Priddy said Saturday that her store would sell more than 1,500 items on the day of the big game. All of the Radcliff store’s staff will be on duty; no one can take a vacation day on the day of the Super Bowl.

While they didn’t open until noon, workers arrived between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. to begin preparing food. Priddy said their most popular items tend to be whatever deal the store is offering, but she said that they likely would sell as many wings as they would pizza.

This anecdote is instructive–it proves how businesses are able to thrive during times of increased consumption of their products. This same routine goes on at thousands of pizza shops nationwide each Superbowl Sunday.