Oneworld, Many Airlines

Posted by Admin - March 11th, 2010

British Airways, American Airlines, and Iberia have been trying to create a trans-Atlantic alliance for a while now, but have been hindered by the European Commission’s anti-trust regulators. They apparently took a step forward with those regulators Wednesday after offering to give up several landing and takeoff slots at London and New York airports.

That concession was aimed at lowering barriers to entry for other airlines to fly from London to New York, Boston, Dallas and Miami — routes where British Airways and American Airlines currently dominate.

The commission said it would be seeking comment from interested parties on the settlement until April 10, normally a sign that the regulator itself considered the offer satisfactory. The United States Transportation Department gave preliminary approval to the arrangement last month on the condition that British Airways and American cede four pairs of takeoff and landing slots at Heathrow.

The Oneworld alliance, a partnership of airlines all over the globe, should be strengthened significantly by this latest deal, if it gets approval from both the European Commission and the United States.